Born in 1963, in the historic town of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, Rob Elliot have been around timber his whole life. Even as a  boy he spent many hours making things from wood in the carpenter’s shop of his father’s sawmill.

After leaving school in 1980, Rob Elliot entered the family business, where he learned more about the various species of native hardwoods as they were processed though the mill. While admiring the grain of the timber, it struck him that it was a shame to see this beautiful material being cut up for such basic uses as boards and fence posts. It was from this point that the idea of creating furniture came into being that would show the natural shapes and forms of the wood to best advantage . After leaving saw milling behind to explore the possibilities of this idea, Rob decided to specialise in Elm which to his eye has the most interesting grain and colouring, particularly Wych or Scottish Elm. From 1987 to the present, Rob have been developing his ideas along with a portfolio of increasingly striking pieces, a selection of which can be viewed on his website –

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