Double Bench Chairs With Table

Double bench chair-table makes for a great piece of patio furniture that you will enjoy for years. These double chair bench with table can be built from cedar or pine but must either be painted or clear coated with an exterior product to protect it from the elements.

Tools Needed And Making The Cuts

 You will need a mitre saw, cordless drill, jigsaw and an orbital sander

All your cuts will be made on the mitre saw cutting all angles at 15 deg.

Jigsaw to cut out the notch on the two front legs. The 2×6 piece will eventually rest in the notch. Measure 9 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the 2×4 front leg and mark. Measure 1 1/2″ back (depth). Then measure from your nine-inch mark up 5 1/2″ and make one more mark. Connect the lines and cut out your notch on both pieces.

Rounding Your Corners

Use a roll of tape to mark the rounded corners on the armrests, the back supports and the front table corners. This improves the looks of this beautiful piece of furniture.

Finished Backsupports

Finishing Double Bench Chair With Table

The double bench chair and table can be either painted or finished with an exterior clear coat product such as Min Wax. This will not only protect the bench from the weather but will also bring out a beautiful rich look in the wood.

double bench chair table

Follow the download below for detailed assembly.

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