A backyard full of birds brings joy and serenity to your home’s natural setting. From their beautiful appearance to their melodic birdsongs, avian friends delight young and old. Encourage new birds to spend time in your yard with a new birdhouse or bird hotel. Lovely hand-painted birdhouses can add a pop of personality to your property all year long. For a special and more memorable style of birdhouse, invite your children to help you decorate a birdhouse with you.

Countless styles of wooden birdhouses await your family’s personalized touch. Here are a few suggestions for decorating birdhouses with your kids.

Bedazzled Birdhouses

Armed with tacky glue and a variety of rhinestones, you can help your kids dress up an ordinary birdhouse and turn it into something truly magical. First, have your kids paint or stain the birdhouse, paying careful attention to any trim or other details. Then help them with the glue if necessary, and let them go nuts sticking on the jewels. When the sunlight hits the birdhouse, the gems are sure to sparkle.

Pretty Painted Birdhouses

Even young toddlers can take part in creative birdhouse customizations with a little help from Mom or Dad. Stock up on a selection of weather-resistant, outdoor acrylic paints so your little ones can choose their favorite shades. Let them use a selection of different paintbrushes to decorate the birdhouse however they wish. Don’t forget to seal it with a weather-proof coat like a clear, nontoxic wood sealant to preserve the birdhouse and help it to last longer.

Rustic Birdhouses

Offer your kids a palette of earth tones to create a rustic appearance for this style of birdhouse. You can also help them collect some sticks, pebbles, pinecones, or other outdoorsy elements that they can glue onto the birdhouse. Help the kids arrange the pieces or let them do it all on their own for a more personal creation. This type of birdhouse would be a lovely accent to your favorite tree or a forest backdrop.

Other Kid-Friendly DIY Birdhouse Ideas

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to kid-friendly birdhouse crafts and projects. Here are a few more ideas to consider doing with your little ones:

  • Make a beach hideaway birdhouse by gluing seashells and beach stones onto the birdhouse.
  • Use small tiles to make a mosaic style birdhouse.
  • Paint the birdhouse and then apply a glitter topcoat for extra sparkle.
  • Wallpaper the birdhouse with an old map, words cut from magazines, or other creative paper choices and then waterproof it.
  • Explore different painting techniques until you find one that you love; use all different paintbrush sizes, a sponge, a crunched up paper towel, and other items to create dimension and truly original designs.

Once you’ve had a blast creating a personalized birdhouse for your yard, decide where you are going to put it. Find a nice tree in a quiet spot to give your feathered friends a special place to call home. Entice your area’s bird species further with a bird feeder stocked with birdseed, or even an attractive birdbath offering a refreshing drink or a quick dip. Once the birds find your birdhouse and birdseed, you should see more and more birds visiting your yard. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your kids’ delighted reactions as they start noticing the beautiful birds flocking to your yard!