Do you ever feel creative and want to make something useful for your home? Many people build a bookcase or make their own curtains. But if you learn how to make a driftwood lamp, you will have a unique and lovely objet díart that will be the envy of all your friends and family. It is actually fairly easy to build your own lamp with a lamp kit you can buy at a hardware or home improvement store. Lighting is essential in the home, so why not add style and elegance with a customized lamp you have built yourself. People have used a variety of things to make their lamps such as wine bottles, mason jars, baskets, and a variety of other items.

Finding your own driftwood at the ocean or on the shores of a lake or river is part of the fun of building your lamp. The driftwood look is a popular among oceanside communities, and it is easier to find after high tide or a storm. Driftwood may be found washed up in huge piles of shells and debris that look like garbage. But take a closer look, and you just might see the perfect piece for your project. Sometimes you will have no luck at all, so you can buy driftwood from a souvenir shop, an aquarium supply shop, a florist’s shop, or an Internet retailer.

Make sure that you have clean driftwood for your project. Scrub the surface of the wood under hot water to get rid of dirt and mold. The wood should soak overnight in a bucket or pot of hot, soapy water. Mold that remains on the interior or exterior can be taken care of by soaking the wood in a container of water with a half cup of bleach. You should note that this may make the wood lighter in color. Finally, after all the soaking is done, the wood should be thoroughly rinsed under cold water to ensure that all soap and bleach have been removed. Then the wood is placed in a sunny area to dry for two to five days. You should also refinish driftwood to protect it and preserve it for years. The wood can be sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth over rough spots. You can use a wood conditioner for pretreatment to ensure that the stain will be even. Lastly, polyurethane is applied to the wood.

If your driftwood will not stand upright, you can saw the bottom. A 3/8 inch drill bit can be used to drill the connecting entry and exit holes. The threaded lamp rod from the kit can be easily slid into the center hole. A washer and nut on the bottom will hold it in place. Now you can thread the lamp cord through the rod leaving three or more inches out of the top and the plug hanging from the bottom. The kit has a locknut that is screwed onto the lamp rod, and then the neck is added with the large end down. The cord at the top must be separated and stripped. Check the kit instructions to see what the colors are of the neutral and the hot wires. On the socket, the neutral wire is hooked to the silver screw and the gold screw is hooked to the hot wire, and these are tightened with a screwdriver. After inserting the socket shell, the harp and the harp bottom, you are ready to add a shade and a light bulb. Flick the switch and it should light right up if you remembered to plug it in!