Building a simple workbench for your woodworking shop can be a real asset to you and your shop. Workbenches can vary in size and strength depending on your particular needs. They range from the very simple bench to the more elaborate bench ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

For the sake of the beginner and the small shop, we will be building a simple but strong workbench.

Building The Work Bench

A workbench has to be built strong enough to withstand the everyday workload of pounding, drilling, clamping, glueing and sawing on.


When building a workbench, it should be built of at least 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s to perform well. Starting with the legs, by laminating three 2 x 4s together at approximately 32″ in length will give you a set of good solid legs. The framework at the top end of the legs to support the bench top should also be built from 2 x 4s to give the top a good solid base to sit on.

If you wish to have a shelf below the workbench, this can easily be added by adding a lower framework for the shelf to sit on. There are different methods to attach the legs to the framework such as mortise and tenon joints, doweling or bolts.

The top can be built from 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s  on the flat covered with a piece of 3/4″ plywood to give you a smooth surface to work on. You can nail a trim board around the top to finish it off.

The lower shelf can be cut from 3/4″ plywood and installed.

Adding Features To The Work Top

A handy feature with the workbench is adding a wood vice. The hardware can be picked up at an industrial supply outlet. By drilling holes in the table top to allow you to install removable pins, comes very handy as stop pins to hold your workpiece in place.

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